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Peonies in Winter

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 in Lee's Studio, Notes From Lee | 3 comments

My mother, Ada Vera Webster Udall (1927-2010) planted the roots that these peony paintings sprung from about 10 years ago. I have painted the blooms from these perennials several times over the last decade. They are my favorite blooms to paint. I love the fact that each bloom has its own character, and that they are often assymetrical. (Click images to enlarge ) This last June I painted all the flowers on these 3 paintings in several days. I didn’t have much of the of the composition worked out as I usually do before I start painting.  I knew that the blooms last only a few days after being picked and so I had to work on just painting the blooms to be able to...

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The Smell of a Kiss

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 in Lee's Studio, Notes From Lee | 4 comments

In 2011 I finished this painting. It started out to be a painting of a mother holding her child on her lap, smelling the crown of the head while giving a kiss.  Gradually the painting began to direct me, and it became a Madonna and Christ Child painting as well. I decided to hang on to it for a year after it was done so I could enter it in the Church’s 9th International Art Competition that was coming up in 2012. I decided to still use my working title, “The Smell of a Kiss”. Calling it Mary and The Christ Child would have repeating the obvious. More importantly, I wanted every mother who looks at it to feel a kinship and conection with Mary, because...

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