I had my sister try Mom’s Stuff for her shingles. Her sore’s were all around the waist and under the breast and were VERY painful. The blister’s kept oozing which caused more discomfort, until she used Mom’s Stuff. With Mom’s Stuff, the blister’s began to dry up which made the shingle’s start to heal. Thank You very much, from my sister, and myself!

Mary Busch Granby, MO

I have long suffered from painful heel cracks during the wintertime, as well as flaking dry feet. I bought myself some Mom’s Stuff and was astonished: by the third day, everything had healed up and my feet felt and looked beautiful. I will need to order another jar of it and here is why. My husband has diabetic neuropathy in his feet, and he’s supposed to use a stimulating salve every day to keep the feet healthy and the circulation strong. He had been using a cayenne salve, but Mom’s Stuff has kept his feet healthier with just the right amount of circulation. Thanks for a brilliant product.

Cathy Gileadi Wilson Helper, UT

Just want to let You know that Mom’s Stuff it’s a wonder salve! My baby girl has chicken pox. I put mom’s stuff on the blisters and in just 2 minutes it stopped itching!!! G-R-E-A-T STUFF!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi Soward Willow Springs, MO
I am sensitive to metals, and I use Mom’s Stuff for earring gel. I rub a little bit on my ears and a little bit on the earring wires. Works great!
Anne Gregerson Utah

I love Moms Stuff!  I use it on my cracked heels and it’s the only thing that has ever worked for me.  I rub it on liberally and wear socks to bed so it won’t get on the sheets and in 4 or 5 nights there is a huge improvement. I don’t know how you came up with your recipe but it works!

Cathy Silcox Riverton, Utah

I’ve been a massage therapist for 19 years, one of my clients was rafting the grand canyon and was exposed to your product on that trip. He was very impressed and brought some back to share with friends and I was lucky enough to be included. I work barefoot and have problems with my feet cracking in the summertime. Mom’s stuff healed them right up! I placed my order for myself and also to use on a few clients that have trouble with their feet and hands cracking. You are making a great product, keep up the good work.

Randy Riehl Vaccaville, CA

Thank you so much for making this wonderful salve. My husband Steve and I have used it for our feet and hands and it has also worked wonders for our dog Abby. Her nose has been chronically chapped and bleeding due to Canine Lupus. Our vet has had us try several ointments, but none stay on well or do much good. Mom’s Stuff gives her such relief and it stays on her nose. Now her nose has returned to normal softness and color. We couldn’t be more pleased!

Julie Morgan Animal communicator & care specialist, Kamus, UT
Chillin in Guatemala and a girl got a horrible sunburn. I offered her some Mom’s Stuff. Then another girl came up with some bug bites. I offered her some Mom’s Stuff. Within an hour I had a line of people asking to use it. The word is spreading my friend, and I need to make another order.

You guys are global!

Jake Guatemala

I have been using Mom’s Stuff for some time.  My brother-in-law left some with me when he came to visit from Provo, Utah.  I read your other endorsements and I didn’t really see anyone mention the way I use it.  I have had a fungus in my fingernails for most of my life.  I didn’t know what it was until I went to have a manicure.  I had very thick nails and they were white, not pink.  Well, I have been putting Mom’s Stuff on them whenever I think about it and it’s taking time, but they are gradually getting thinner and more pink.  It hasn’t been a quick fix, but it is working.  I am grateful that my brother-in-law left it with me.  I want to give the little bit I have left to a friend to try, so I needed to order some for myself.” Thank you!

Norma Poulsen Redlands CA,

Skin problems are a big thing for many people, and even worse for those living in dry places, or for potters, gardeners, carpenters, and others whose work exacerbates drying. For years I have been using various “the best” salves and creams for my hands and cracked heels, and Mom’s Stuff is in a different league. Its feel, scent, protection, and transparent integration are especially comforting to me, indicating how “alive” it is. Maybe it is its natural and carefully selected ingredients, or maybe the care and love that goes into its making, but this special salve is better than the ingredients alone. I really love it and like to get it for friends to try for themselves.

Will Ruggles Santa Fe, NM,

This is the first time in years I have been able to work outside in the 100 degree heat with out getting a terrible rash on my face. Doctors, dermatologists, druggists and even the local health food store people have had no solutions for me. The only change in my life style was that I started using Mom’s Stuff in early spring. It is now August and my face is smooth and comfortable. I am so grateful!

Eva Freppon The Garden Country Store, Bald Knob, AR

Thank you so much for Mom’s Stuff!

My knuckles crack and bleed most of the year, but get so bad in the winter that sometimes I cannot even bend my fingers without them bleeding. For 5 days I used Mom’s Stuff while visiting at my parents house over New Years and my hands completely healed and haven’t cracked since!

Martha Rawlings Goering, NE

Thanks Lee for sending the Mom’s Stuff so promptly. I tucked a jar and card into small bags for personal gifts to close friends in my widows group. One of our rules is that the gifts must be handmade and a story that can be shared accompanying the gifts. Mom’s Stuff was Perfect!!

My son tried it this weekend on his cracked fingertips, which have plagued him for years. The first night brought massive improvements!

Joyce Lee Ridgecrest, CA

Thanks so much for the cure for my skin! You probably won’t be surprised to get a another testimonial, but it surprised me. I got a major windburn when I spent 3 days cleaning up from the windstorm we had. My face was ok after it all peeled off, but I developed a rash on my chest, stomach, inside elbows and thighs. I went through 3 tubes of 1% hydro-cortisone cream, the better part of a jar of Vaseline, and a tube of prescription 10% hydro-cortisone. For 3 weeks it kept spreading, and hurting! Finally I started using Mom’s Stuff. I’m not kidding, in less than a day it started improving. After 3 days most of it is cleared up, 2 stubborn spots are still improving. I will certainly be telling my friends. I have a patient with horrible eczema that I can’t wait to tell. Thanks,

Adrian J Vande Merwe DDS Bountiful, UT


I have Zoe, an extraordinary Norwich terrier, a nearly constant companion since the day I brought her home over 16 years ago.

For the last eight or nine months, Zoe has had a thickening nose issue, rather strange really–the nose tissue will thicken and thicken and thicken some more, and then shed off in chunks.  Rather alarming.  The vet had no explanation, no recommendations on what to do.  I had been using coconut oil on it, which helped it to shed more quickly, but the coconut oil didn’t keep it from recurring cycles of growth/shed/growth/shed.

I read on your website about how someone used it on the nose of their dog, so I had to try it on Zoe.

Mom’s Stuff worked like a charm.  I have to administer pain meds to my dog every 12 hours and I’ve added an application of Mom’s Stuff to the medicine schedule.  I paste Mom’s Stuff in a thickish fashion on her nose tip and outer nostrils every twelve hours and for the last three weeks now her nose is moist, shiny and normal.  I can hardly believe it!  She fights the medicine (it is terribly bitter stuff) but holds perfectly still when I open the jar and carefully use my fingernail tip to paste it onto her nose, one little tiny section at a time.

I can’t thank you enough for this.  It means so much to be able to give her some relief from the discomfort and infirmities of old age.

As for my hands, they are in great shape.  This is a terrific product. Add me to your list of devoted customers!

Kris McKinney Wilmington, DE


My favorite thing about Mom’s Stuff is how it smells, but it is excellent for all kinds of skin care. I had eczema around my eyes a few years ago and used a very frightening Rx product for a while, but the risk statement was just too much. Mom’s Stuff several times a week does the trick; no recurrence since. Also, I’ve always used it after shaving and also to keep my hands comfortable after outdoor work or lots of guitar playing (keeps the calluses pliable, but tough, without peeling). Our daughter, Anna also loves it for her hands, which get lots of rough treatment in the banquet kitchen where she works. We’re coming for more, soon!

David Eskelsen, Farmington, UT

I love using Mom’s Stuff. I usually use it for chafing when I am horse riding. but I am really glad that I read about using it on dry feet because I have a problem with my feet getting very dry in the winter time also. I never thought to use it for that so now I am going to. I will report back.

Greg Pilling, Placerville, CA


I love Mom’s Stuff! It not only heals my cracked dry cuticles and hands, it feels good and smells wonderful. I use it every night.

Daphne Roehr Hatcher,  Pine Mills Pottery, TX


Fabulous stuff! Went with me down Desolation Canyon river trip this year and definitely getting packed for the 2 weeks on the beach in Puerto Rico. Makes a huge difference on the nasty heel cracks and over drying and chafing. Keeps the bugs from biting your feet too!!!

Sue Rampton Dyle PA, Mapleton, UT


I do daycare and one of my little girls came about a month ago with flea bites on her.  She startd itching them and eventually they got infected and she itched like crazy.  I gave her mom one of the jars of Mom’s Stuff to try to relieve the itching and she loved it.  Little Alex would ask her mom for the “Christmas Tree Stuff”  - She liked the smell of it and it made her feel good.    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jeanne Heemeyer, Troutdale, OR  

“As an archeologist, I spend lots of time in the dirt and hiking, so I use it on my feet and hands every night. I first learned of the medicinal qualities of pinyon sap years ago in eastern Nevada, where I found some old historical collection tins hanging on pinyon trees. The local Mormon farmers told me that it was a wonderful salve when combined with beeswax or with honey. Native Americans in central Nevada also use it for medicine. Needless to say, I was thrilled to get a jar of your stuff! I love pinyon trees! Every time I open the jar, it reminds me of the Great Basin and the Southwest!

I would highly recommend it to other archeologists!”

Barbara Bane, Archeologist, Yosemite, CA 

Good morning Lee!

First of all, let me tell you how surprised I was to get my order so quickly!! I ordered off the computer and then heard the west was to be hit the next day with heavy snow and terrible weather so I figured it would take awhile. HA!! It was here in 2 days!!!

Well, I heard about Mom’s Stuff by an email from Mary Brigham, a friend and classmate (we graduated high school in ’60!!!) ~ she was singing it’s praises about how it helped her fingertips from doing their usual winter weather splitting. So I figured I’d give it a try as my hands chap so in the winter and my heels give me fits!! Splitting, rough, itchy, you name it. I ordered several jars as there’s always someone in my family with skin problems, so I figured I’d pass them out to whoever complains (I only have 2 jars left). I could tell a difference with my heels after only one night ~ whew, no more itching! Now all the splits and roughness are gone. I love it!! I’ve told a bunch of people already, and will pass out your cards. I’m like Mary: Please don’t stop making this Stuff!!!

Also, I loved your newsletter as well as reading everything on your website. You are a talented couple. I love pottery and will probably be ordering some of that, too. Also, the picture on your cards is just beautiful. God’s country.”

Nancy Mertes, Loveland, OH

I ordered Mom’s stuff a few weeks ago and loved it immediately. The scent, the organic ingredients, and the quality are all excellent. I work in health care and continual washing really dries my hands out. Your product lasts through several hand washings and helps prevent further drying. It’s so great that I now want to buy some for all of my coworkers to try!

I’ve actually been to Spring City before, a few years back, and went into the show room. I was staying in Mount Pleasant with an old friend and bicycled to Spring City to look at pottery and the landscapes. Also, for a refreshing drink from the fresh spring water fountain. It’s a charming place to be.

Best of luck!”

Hannah Finelli


I hope you can re-use or refill these jars with Mom’s Stuff and send them back to me. Your wonderful salve saw my son’s bottom through 2 and a half years of cloth diapers with no diaper rash! It’s the best!”

Micah Baker, SLC, UT


I found and bought Mom’s Stuff when I was actively looking for a natural salve pre-Grand Canyon trip 2008. Been using it ever since.”



My mother-in-law gave a jar to my husband (her son) and my he loves it so much! It helps his hands a lot. He was so disappointed when it ran out. So I have bought more to surprise him for his birthday.”



Just got back from a two week cruise to the Caribbean. I used your product while away and it was like a pedicure in a jar!”

Carol Gemmell


Dear Lee,

I have a feeling you will remember my call about Mom’s Stuff. You were so generous with your time. I have a Vizsla bitch with 10 puppies. She tended to nurse laying on one side and her elbow on that side was raw and infected. I used Mom’s stuff several times a day and it resolved the issue completely. Happy mom and happy pups!

Thank you — so very much,”

Judy Hetkowski, Boulder, CO


I found Mom’s Stuff in the most random way possible. We ran into Lee and Joe in the Grand Canyon and when Lee saw the bloody, chapped and cut state of our hands after two weeks rowing she handed us a few jars. It saved our hands for the remainder of the trip and the salve has become a part of my daily routine for my hands and feet. It seems to be the only stuff that can truly heal my cracked skin and it is a godsend for climbing trips when the daily grind on the rock combined with the use of chalk tears my hands apart. A little salve in the evening leaves my hands in great shape for the next day. My most recent use for the salve is healing a stitched-close cut on my face caused by a wayward oar and it seems to be doing the trick! Can’t imagine going back to petroleum based stuff that doesn’t work anyhow and the pinion pine smell in the salve brings back memories of the Grand every time I put it on.”

Brian Ladd, Steamboat Springs, CO


I don’t have to wait for two weeks to tell you that Mom’s Stuff works. My son (returned missionary from Cambodia) has a rash on his stomach that he gets every summer for some reason. Every doctor he’s ever visited says he will just have to live with it… Nothing works… We got Mom’s Stuff in the mail last Friday (very fast shipping) and he was very skeptical but I said just to try it so he did, The rash is already gone!

Thanks a ton!”

Craig Crandall, Chesterfield, Idaho


My mother gave me a jar of your salve when I first started floor nursing. It saw me through the agony inflicted by constant exposure to endless hand washing and antiseptics. More recently my husband has used it to rub some life back into my feet at the end of each day. After what seemed like years, the bottom of the jar is visible and we are eager not to break the rhythm of this nightly ritual. So much love passes from his hands through your salve to my feet. There is no question of its benefit to my mental health (and perhaps his). As a diabetic this treatment is of special import to my physical health as well. We’d like more for ourselves and two to share.”

Myriad thanks, Kate M. Washington State


I love this product. I am a gardener and have my hands in dirt most of the year. This is the only product that I have used that has really helped my poor hands, cuticles and even my lips. I ordered a large order the Christmas before last and gave most away as gifts, and am now using my last jar. Please send me 5 jars ASAP.”

Rebecca Rice Clay, Berryville, VA


Thank you for the personal notes in my last Mom’s Stuff order. I ordered 2 jars a few years ago and just ran out on my last Canyon trip. I have a 21-day Grand Canyon trip coming up in April and I wouldn’t go down there without it.”

Rick Demarest, Potter, river guide, Mt Shasta, CA


I have an auto immune disease and my body reacts badly to most products because of my condition. Having your salve makes all the difference in the world. Please rush my order ASAP. It is the only stuff that helps me!”

Tracy J. Billings, American Fork, UT


The best smelling, most effective, hand and foot salve I have ever used in 22 years of backcountry work – hands down! (pun intended)”

Christa Sadler, river and back country guide in Grand Canyon, Ecuador, Alaska, Mexico and Utah


I’ve done over 130 Grand Canyon river trips in the last 40 years and Mom’s Stuff is the best thing for skin cracks that I have ever used.”

Dr. Morton Thomas, M.D. Wickenburg, AZ


On most trips I get ‘toelio’ (River guide lingo for fungal infection of the feet) if I’m not real careful about putting ‘Mom’s Stuff’ on every night. ‘Mom’s Stuff’ stops that ‘drive-you-crazy’ itching and makes the blood blisters go away quickly; lets me keep walking and smiling thru the lower end of the canyon, that’s for sure!”

Greg Woodall, Grand Canyon river guide, field archeologist, Hurricane, UT


For years I struggled with a serious skin condition on my hands. I tried many over-the-counter and prescription ointments. Hundreds of dollars later I discovered Mom’s Stuff. Mom’s Stuff soothed my burning palms and helped to quiet the rash. I love that it is made by hand from natural ingredients and not chemicals. As a full time potter my hands take a beating, and Mom’s Stuff is right there with me every day. I eventually changed my clay to help cure the rash for good, but the benefits of Mom’s Stuff went beyond the relief it gave my hands. I became accustomed to the scent, and just opening the jar makes me feel ready for my day in the studio. I use it every day, and a little bit goes a long way. If your hands are dry and cracking from being in clay and water all day, Mom’s Stuff will come to your rescue.”

Sandi Pierantozzi, Philadelphia, PA.


For the past several years my son has been suffering from horrible skin rashes on his legs, with open sores on his knees and in his ankle regions. He would scratch the skin lesions during his sleep to where his sheets were covered with blood each morning. It has been a most disheartening situation both physically and emotionally. We sought professional medical advice and solutions, and have spent hundreds of dollars ($150 just on a tube of Elidel) with no success or cure. During a trip to our favorite aunt’s house in Moroni this past July our Aunt Lisa introduced us to “Mom’s Stuff”. I purchased a jar, which arrived on July 20. By August 1 my son’s legs were totally and completely free from any lesions, wounds or rashes. The healing powers of “Mom’s Stuff” have been truly amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Ron Spotts, Provo, UT


I have this incredible god-daughter who is working daily with my mom (Alzheimers) and she has successfully eradicated my mom’s eczema by applying your Stuff. As a child, they tied my dear mom to the bed in order to keep her from scratching the eczema covering her arms. So, here’s another basket of THANKS!”

Ginger Woolley, Provo, UT


Mom’s Stuff is a hit in South Africa. Another Mom in a playgroup I take Grace and Noah to noticed how Noah’s eczema on his neck had cleared up so well and asked what I was using, as her daughter Grace’s age has terrible eczema that has her scratching her legs raw and she couldn’t find anything that helped. I gave her the jar of Mom’s Stuff I had in my baby bag. Yesterday I saw her again for the first time in two weeks and she said she owed me a huge thank you as the stuff had really helped relieve her daughter’s eczema. And she wants four jars of it, and two other women in the group said they’d like a jar each.”

Laurie Goering, Johannesburg, South Africa